Taxi and shuttle transfer – Dubrovnik

Visiting Dubrovnik is a must for every tourist. This beautiful city has been placed on UNESCO list of World Heritage, and is well worth the trip. Arrival is possible by land, sea and air. International airport Čilipi is located around 20 kilometers from Dubrovnik, and has frequent lines to many European cities. The airport is located under a cliff, which makes it unique in its own right, it has a single terminal but it services nearly a million passengers per year.

Most frequent lines are to and from the UK, Germany and Italy. Charter lines play a vital role for Dubrovnik airport, as they provide a steady stream of visitors from more remote destinations, such as Russia.

The airport, in its current location, has been constructed in the 1960’s. After the Croatian war of independence, it has been reconstructed, and fully modernized to offer maximum safety and comfort for passengers.

Even though it is relatively small, especially when compared to other Croatian airports, Dubrovnik airport is extremely busy. During the summer, aircraft land practically all day and night with only minimum service breaks in between. Despite the lack of room for expansion, its numbers grow year in and year out, so it is expected to hit two million passengers annually by 2017. We will gladly arrange taxi transfer or shuttle service to and from Dubrovnik for you.