Taxi and shuttle transfer – Osijek

Tourists wishing to spend their holiday in mainland Croatia have at their disposal several larger airports. Osijek Airport is the regional center for Slavonija and Baranja, the two easternmost provinces of Croatia. It is an international airport that can anywhere up to 100 000 passengers annually. It is located some 20 kilometers from the city.

The airport has both cargo and passenger terminals, with an airstrip of 2500 meters. Aircraft of all sizes can land here (up to 150 passengers). It is connected with all Croatian airports by regular lines, and serves as regional hub for Germanwings and Ryanair flights, most of which connect to German airports.

The city of Osijek is located in the north eastern part of Croatia, and is the regional center of Slavonija and Baranja – comprising more than one million inhabitants. It is the farming centre of Croatia, covered mostly in lush fields, rivers and picturesque towns. There are very few mountain areas. We will gladly arrange taxi transfer or shuttle service to and from Osijek for you.