Taxi and shuttle transfer – Zagreb

Zagreb airport is the main hub for tourist arrivals in Croatia. The majority of all passengers arrive during the summer months, when tourists come to Zagreb by plane and then proceed to the coast by other forms of transport. Pleso is the biggest, busiest airport in Croatia, and it is crucial for connecting Croatia with Europe and the rest of the world. All political and business passengers choose Pleso as their airport of choice, because it is situated in the center of Croatia, making every region easily accessible. It is located just 15 kilometers outside of Zagreb.

Pleso is the main point of departure for all flights that connect to destinations outside of Europe, and services around 2 million passengers every year. It has recently been commissioned to a French company that will expand the infrastructure and completely modernize the terminals and landing strips.

Besides Croatia Airlines, our domestic airline, which has its headquarters in Pleso, the airport is a regional base for a number of high-end and low-end airline companies such as Czech Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Turkish Airlines, EasyJet, GermanWings,RyanAir,WizzAir and others. There are flights to almost all bigger European cities during the entire year, and in the summer charter flights bring tourists from more remote destinations, mainly Russia. We will gladly arrange taxi transfer or shuttle service to and from Zagreb for you.