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Tours – Split

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Split

When somebody mentions Split, first thing that comes to mind must be Diocletian’s palace, a marvelous architectural wonder dating from the early 4th century AD. It was built by the emperor Diocletian, as a retreat for his retirement. Today, it is the core of the modern city of Split, which is also the regional hub for the entire province of Dalmatia.

Thousands of tourists come to Split every year, either to enjoy its many sights or just passing by on their way to one of Dalmatia’s islands. Split is the biggest ferry port in Croatia, with regular lines to all islands, cities of Rijeka and Dubrovnika and several international lines. As of late, Split is gaining popularity as a luxury cruise ship resort, with as many as 200 ships visiting every summer.

Main trademark of Split is not the sights, its the slow-motion, easygoing atmosphere. Once you experience it, trust us, its hard to go back. Drinking coffee under the sun, lying on the beach all day or walking through the foresty slopes of Marjan will relax you to a point you will be unrecognizable.

Let us take you to this little part of heaven. Taxi transfers can be arranged from any location, whether you just want to visit for a few hours or stay indefinetly (which, we’re sure, you will).
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Tours – Šibenik

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Šibenik

Located half way between Zadar and Split, Šibenik represents a sort of halfway inn, where passengers stop for refreshments on their way north or south. However, the town is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Croatia. Its origins date as far back as the late Roman Empire, but it was built by Slavs, and its history spans all through the middle ages to present day, making it a great destination for tourists. It is situated close to national park Krka, one of the natural wonders of Croatia.

Historical sites in the city include the cathedral of St. Jacob, and many palaces, parks and other sights. The city found its way to the UNESCO list of protected heritage, which is reason enough to visit, and spend some time in this beautiful city.

Whether you want to visit Šibenik as a side track on your journey across Dalmatia, or planning to stay for a while, we will gladly book a taxi transfer for you. Our drivers will show you the sights, best places to eat, sleep and party. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit the historical sites, Krka or some other destination, we are here to help you arrange the whole thing.
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Tours – Novalja

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Novalja

Island of Pag, one of the biggest islands in the Adriatic sea shelters several beautiful cities. Novalja is one of them, situated in the northwestern corner of the island, overlooking a deep bay. Its location is ideal, since it is accessible by sea and land, both from the north and the south.

In recent years, Novalja became a very popular tourist destination, mainly thanking to its very active night life and famous beach parties. Visitors flock to the city from all corners of the world, mainly looking for a good time – and they get it. However, Novalja has much more to offer for potential tourists. Secluded bays with sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, medieval ruins for explorers at heart, camps, restaurants and many other sights await the wanting tourist.

Accommodation is easy enough to find, either in privately owned apartments, rooms or in hotels. However, during the peak season, there are periods where every single bed in the city is occupied, so it is best to reserve in advance. Food is a mix of Mediterranean, Italian, Dalmatian and generic – so everybody can find something for themselves. Need we say, wine is in the plenty, and is best served over a nice dinner.

Finally, it is easy to see why Novalja became such a tourist attraction. It has a little bit of everything, fun, sea, food, adventure and peace. Those wishing to party can go at it night and day in one of the trademark clubs on the famous Zrće beach – Papaya, Aquarius offer non-stop entertainment and some of the biggest clubbing names visit regularly. Older folks will enjoy a great culinary experience, quiet walks under the shadows of

Tours – National park Plitvice lakes

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – NP Plitvice Lakes

Of all the Croatian national parks, Plitvicka jezera is by far the most renown, and the most beautiful. It is comprised of 16 lakes, connected to each other by waterfalls, cascades and smaller slopes. It is the only park in Croatia to bear UNESCO trademark, and it is a protected heritage site.

The park is located in region of Lika, and is surrounded for miles by untouched nature. Tourists can reside in one of the parks hotels or book accommodation in one of the nearby settlements. Traditional domestic food and drinks will make your stay even more pleasant.

Lakes can be visited during the entire year, but most tourists choose to come during the summer. However, wintery scene in Plitvice is amazing, lakes freeze out, and everything gets a beautiful white cover, making the already beautiful scene even more surreal. Those coming during the winter can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the nearby winter resorts.

Plitvice lakes are visited mostly on a one day basis. Transfers can be made from all cities in Croatia. Guided tours, under official park supervision allow visitors to get a glimpse of the full splendor of the lakes.

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Tours – National park Krka

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – NP Krka

Among the many wonders Croatia offers to its visitors, few can even come close to compare with the beauty and awe inspiring feeling that arises from visiting Krka national park. Waterfalls that sparkle with silvery threads of water, amazing lush forest and thrilling sights make this a prime destination for any nature loving tourist.

There is nearly 50 miles of river, surrounded by thick forest, slippery slopes and winding paths.You can walk for days without the slightest glimpse of civilization, apart the many Roman ruins that lurk nearby for the unsuspecting visitor.

Organized tours offer unique blend of hiking, climbing and river boat ride, and allow the best view of this natural wonder. Comparable only to Plitvice lakes, you will seldom find such beautiful nature anywhere.

Let us take you on a memorable journey to one of nature’s rarest gems. Starting from Zadar, it’s only a short ride to Krka, and on the way, we can show you the beautiful cities of Šibenik and Skradin, both riddled with historical sites and full of Dalmatian charm.
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Tours – National park Kornati

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Kornati

Kornati National park consists of around 100 small and large islands, grouped together under a common name. This water park has attracted millions of tourists since it first opened in 1980, and its popularity grows with each passing year. The largest land surface in the park is the island of Kornat, but all the island’s combined surface covers only about 25% of the entire park. We can arrange taxi transfers to and from Kornati for you, either by car to Šibenik and then onward by sea or directly from Zadar.
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Tours – Dubrovnik

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Dubrovnik

If you are looking for a perfect spot to spend your summer vacation, we strongly suggest that you visit Dubrovnik. It has been proclaimed, year after year, to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s strong walls, stony streets and many palaces will leave everybody breathless.

There is nothing quite like drinking coffee under the shadow of a 14th century palace on Stradun, or taking a stroll on the city walls. If you want to visit this jewel of the Mediterranean, we will gladly arrange a transfer. After all, it’s not every day that one gets the privilege to visit a city that is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Is there?
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Tours – Biograd na Moru

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Biograd

Biograd is a Dalmatian city with a long history. It is best known as the former capital of Croatian kingdom during the middle ages. Curent population is around 6 000, and the city itself falls under the municipal authority of its larger neighbor, Zadar. The city is easily accessible, since it is conveniently located on the major national road between Zadar and Split.

Tradition of tourism in Biograd dates back nearly a century. First registered tourists arrived in the early 1920’s from the former USSR. Since then, the city became renown as a deluxe tourist destination. There are many hotels in the city today, but the first one to be built dates from 1935.

Conveniently located just 28 kilometers from Zadar, it is easily accessible by car, airplane and/or boat. The city itself is located on a peninsula, shadowed by two beautiful bays, Soline and Bošana from either side. Sandy beach is located just outside of the city, surrounded by a century old pine forest. It is a popular destination for tourist transfers during the entire year, but especially in the summer.

The weather, much like the rest of Dalmatia is warm, with hot summers (up to 35 degree Celsius in summer) and mild winters (rarely below 0, average is 7 degree Celsius).
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Tours – Istria

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Istria

Istra is the largest peninsula in Croatia, spanning over a large area covered by mountains, lush fields, vineyards and of course beautiful coastline. It is riddled with picturesque towns and villages, all of which are well worth exploring. We can take you on a memorable adventure through Istria, discover charming landscapes and the many secrets hidden in this land of wonder. There is a reason Istria is called Croatian Tuscany. Whether you are a thrill seeker, or just want to enjoy nature in its purest form, Istria has something for you. Town of Hum, the smallest town in the world, famous Motovun and its movie festival are but a few examples of this truly amazing part of Croatia. We will gladly arrange a transfer for you, just let us know.

Beautiful inland of Istria cannot compare with the magnificent coastline. Roman cities of Pula and Poreč will thrill you, and if you have a knack for history, there’s an amphitheater in Pula, and a beautiful early Christian basilica in Poreč, both on the UNESCO list.

Istria, among its other qualities is a paradise for gourmets and wine enthusiasts. Prosciutto, cheese, lamb, truffles, figs, olives are just a glimpse of the splendid offers in many Istrian konobe (taverns). All this, of course, is nothing without a glass of domestic Istrian wine.
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Tours – Bol (island Brač)

Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Bol

Croatia is famous for its thousand islands, beautiful cities, great food and lots of sunshine. But, Croatia has one more jewel, located on the island of Brač, and it’s called Zlatni rat. This mile long beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and is located in the vicinity of Bol, the biggest settlement on the island.

Shaped as a horn, it is surrounded by the Adriatic from two sides, and flanked by a thick forest from the third. This beach has been named one of the three most recognizable destinations in Croatia, and it is well deserving of the title.

If that’s not enough, you can visit the ancient monastery/convent of Blaca, a secluded oasis of solitude that is located deep within the island.
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