Taxi and shuttle transfer – ferry port Pula

Even though it serves only local lines, port of Pula is extremely busy. Catamarans and ferries from Zadar bring hosts of tourists in this largest port in Istria. Only regular international line is with Venice, transporting passengers by catamaran two or three times a week. In addition, this line is operated by a ferry, which allows transportation of vehicles, which is an excellent choice for tourists. This gives Pula additional tourist value, as all visitors who want to, can take  one hour trip to the historical city of Venice, and return in the same day.

Even though there are not that many lines connecting Pula and other Croatian ports, there are frequent, and regular, lines to islands and a few lines to Split. Since Istria has an excellent road system it is not a big deficit. The busiest months, much like in other Croatian ports are between May and October, with the remaining months fairly slow.