Taxi and shuttle transfer – ferry port Zadar

Port of Zadar is probably one of the most beautiful and scenic in the Mediteranean. It is located in the centre of the city, between the old town peninsula and the mainland, in a natural bay. It serves as a hub for transport of goods and passengers to all the islands in the region, as well as connecting other coastal towns and Italy.Construction is currently underway for a new ferry and cargo port, just outside of the city. This new port will be able to house more ferries and even a cruiser dock.

As mentioned, ferries to nearby islands make up for the majority of traffic in the port. Ugljan, Iž, Dugi Otok, Ist, Mali Lošinj and many others rely solely on ferries coming from Zadar, for both travel and goods supply. With almost 2 million passengers, Zadar is the second most frequent port in Croatia, just after Split. With the new port, these numbers will soar, making Zadar one of the busiest port towns in the Mediterranean.