Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Biograd

Biograd is a Dalmatian city with a long history. It is best known as the former capital of Croatian kingdom during the middle ages. Curent population is around 6 000, and the city itself falls under the municipal authority of its larger neighbor, Zadar. The city is easily accessible, since it is conveniently located on the major national road between Zadar and Split.

Tradition of tourism in Biograd dates back nearly a century. First registered tourists arrived in the early 1920’s from the former USSR. Since then, the city became renown as a deluxe tourist destination. There are many hotels in the city today, but the first one to be built dates from 1935.

Conveniently located just 28 kilometers from Zadar, it is easily accessible by car, airplane and/or boat. The city itself is located on a peninsula, shadowed by two beautiful bays, Soline and Bošana from either side. Sandy beach is located just outside of the city, surrounded by a century old pine forest. It is a popular destination for tourist transfers during the entire year, but especially in the summer.

The weather, much like the rest of Dalmatia is warm, with hot summers (up to 35 degree Celsius in summer) and mild winters (rarely below 0, average is 7 degree Celsius).

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