Taxi transfer and shuttle service – NP Krka

Among the many wonders Croatia offers to its visitors, few can even come close to compare with the beauty and awe inspiring feeling that arises from visiting Krka national park. Waterfalls that sparkle with silvery threads of water, amazing lush forest and thrilling sights make this a prime destination for any nature loving tourist.

There is nearly 50 miles of river, surrounded by thick forest, slippery slopes and winding paths.You can walk for days without the slightest glimpse of civilization, apart the many Roman ruins that lurk nearby for the unsuspecting visitor.

Organized tours offer unique blend of hiking, climbing and river boat ride, and allow the best view of this natural wonder. Comparable only to Plitvice lakes, you will seldom find such beautiful nature anywhere.

Let us take you on a memorable journey to one of nature’s rarest gems. Starting from Zadar, it’s only a short ride to Krka, and on the way, we can show you the beautiful cities of Šibenik and Skradin, both riddled with historical sites and full of Dalmatian charm.

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