Taxi transfer and shuttle service – NP Plitvice Lakes

Of all the Croatian national parks, Plitvicka jezera is by far the most renown, and the most beautiful. It is comprised of 16 lakes, connected to each other by waterfalls, cascades and smaller slopes. It is the only park in Croatia to bear UNESCO trademark, and it is a protected heritage site.

The park is located in region of Lika, and is surrounded for miles by untouched nature. Tourists can reside in one of the parks hotels or book accommodation in one of the nearby settlements. Traditional domestic food and drinks will make your stay even more pleasant.

Lakes can be visited during the entire year, but most tourists choose to come during the summer. However, wintery scene in Plitvice is amazing, lakes freeze out, and everything gets a beautiful white cover, making the already beautiful scene even more surreal. Those coming during the winter can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the nearby winter resorts.

Plitvice lakes are visited mostly on a one day basis. Transfers can be made from all cities in Croatia. Guided tours, under official park supervision allow visitors to get a glimpse of the full splendor of the lakes.

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