Taxi transfer and shuttle service – Novalja

Island of Pag, one of the biggest islands in the Adriatic sea shelters several beautiful cities. Novalja is one of them, situated in the northwestern corner of the island, overlooking a deep bay. Its location is ideal, since it is accessible by sea and land, both from the north and the south.

In recent years, Novalja became a very popular tourist destination, mainly thanking to its very active night life and famous beach parties. Visitors flock to the city from all corners of the world, mainly looking for a good time – and they get it. However, Novalja has much more to offer for potential tourists. Secluded bays with sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, medieval ruins for explorers at heart, camps, restaurants and many other sights await the wanting tourist.

Accommodation is easy enough to find, either in privately owned apartments, rooms or in hotels. However, during the peak season, there are periods where every single bed in the city is occupied, so it is best to reserve in advance. Food is a mix of Mediterranean, Italian, Dalmatian and generic – so everybody can find something for themselves. Need we say, wine is in the plenty, and is best served over a nice dinner.

Finally, it is easy to see why Novalja became such a tourist attraction. It has a little bit of everything, fun, sea, food, adventure and peace. Those wishing to party can go at it night and day in one of the trademark clubs on the famous Zrće beach – Papaya, Aquarius offer non-stop entertainment and some of the biggest clubbing names visit regularly. Older folks will enjoy a great culinary experience, quiet walks under the shadows of century old pines or bathe in the crystal clear sea. Novalja is a melting pot of experiences for both young and old.

The town is easily accessible by road, and we will gladly arrange a taxi transfer for you and your friends. It’s just a short drive from Zadar, so you can go about partying as soon as you land.

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